Four desperate strangers, each with a mysterious past, team up to search for the one person capable of saving their lives...

Mango Mischief is a throwback to a simpler time - the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming - when JRPGs used (and abused) cliché storylines as vehicles for showing off interesting battle mechanics, difficult dungeons and monsters, complex puzzles, character leveling systems, and customizability through skills, upgrades, and gear.

Is it time to go on a magical quest to save the world - a quest that only YOU can complete... with the help of three other party members who have unique and complementary skill sets, of course?

Do you need to collect several inanimate objects that serve no purpose
other than to accidentally help the antagonist at the end of the game?

Is the antagonist merely a puppet of the true final boss...  

a true final boss who likely has multiple forms?

Eh, maybe. Or maybe not.

Mango Mischief tries to straddle the line

between paying homage to the tried-and-true tropes of JRPGs,

while also parodying the memes of role-playing games with plot twists.

Self-referential humor and fourth-wall breaks 

augment the narrative and interactions in this game, 

without detracting from the core gameplay:

- Open exploration of a huge, diverse world,
full of quests and monsters and loot

-Flexibility in leveling up desired classes
and gaining new abilities along the way

-The freedom to optimize character builds
and complete the advanced dungeons in any order

-Tons of unique weapons, armor, accessories, and items
that allow for a variety of playstyles

-A turn-based battle system
involving elemental strengths and weaknesses,
an assortment of buffs and debuffs and status ailments,
and monsters that scale with your progress,
to keep battles fresh, interesting, and challenging

-Just enough random encounters to annoy the players who prefer visible encounters,
and just enough visible encounters to annoy the players who prefer random encounters

-At least a few interesting NPCs who aren't merely mindless drones
created for the sole purpose of furthering the plot of your special story

The release date for Mango Mischief is June 20, 2022.

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